Gatsby Benchmark 6 – Experience of Workplaces

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What is Gatsby Benchmark 6?

Gatsby Benchmark 6 stands as a crucial component within the Gatsby Benchmarks framework, which aims to shape effective career guidance. Benchmark 6 emphasises the importance of letting young people experience real work environments to gain insights. It is one of the essential benchmarks that collectively contribute to comprehensive career development.

Why is Gatsby Benchmark 6 so important?

Gatsby Benchmark 6 holds immense importance in preparing young people for their future careers. Think employer meetings, work experience or shadowing, this benchmark is all about bringing the vocational to life! By giving young people the opportunity to tap into workplace encounters, they are being empowered to explore the ‘what’, ‘how’s’ and ‘when’s’ of different sectors and job roles.

Gatsby Benchmark 6

How to create experiences of workplaces?

Creating meaningful experiences in the workplace involves strategic steps to ensure their effectiveness:

  • Collaboration with Employers: Establish partnerships with local businesses and organisations to provide students with opportunities for work visits, shadowing, and internships.
  • Integration into Careers Programme: Include workplace experiences in the career guidance programme to match students’ interests and goals.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Provide different experiences, like part-time jobs, holiday work, and structured work experience, for different preferences and age groups.

Redefining work experience for students

Gatsby Benchmark 6 broadens work experience to include more meaningful experiences beyond just a work experience placement. It assists students in their career path by introducing them to customer experiences and company culture, enhancing their career growth.

What is the intent of work experience for Gatsby Benchmark 6?

The purpose of work experiences is to give young people a chance to see what real work is like. They can learn about different industries, jobs, and the skills they need to do well in a real-life workplace environment.

Schools, colleges, and employers closely collaborate to implement work experiences. Careers leaders play a pivotal role in organising and coordinating these experiences to ensure their relevance and educational value.

What are the Gatsby Benchmark 6 questions on the Compass evaluation?

The Compass evaluation assesses how well institutions provide students with workplace experiences. It includes specific questions for a thorough evaluation of Gatsby Benchmark 6’s implementation. These questions guide institutions in aligning their practices with the benchmark’s principles, ensuring meaningful encounters with real-world work environments.

Gatsby Benchmark 6 focuses on the “Experience of Workplaces.” The Compass evaluation asks how well a school helps students learn about the real world of work. Some potential questions could be:

  • How do you facilitate experiences of workplaces for students within your institution?
  • Describe the variety of workplace experiences you offer, including work visits, shadowing, internships, and other forms of work-related engagements.
  • How can you ensure that you tailor workplace experiences to students’ interests and align them with their potential career aspirations?
  • Can you provide examples of how students have benefited from workplace experiences focusing on career exploration and skill development?
  • How do you collaborate with employers to provide authentic and valuable workplace experiences for students?
  • Describe any initiatives or programs aimed at providing workplace experiences for students under the age of 16.
  • How do workplace experiences contribute to your overall career guidance and curriculum?
  • Can you share instances where workplace experiences have led to students making more informed decisions about their future careers?

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How Progress Careers can help you to meet the Gatsby Benchmark 6?

Progress Careers are perfectly placed within schools to support young people to figure out what they want from a work experience placement or visit.

Whilst we are unable to arrange visits on behalf of our schools, we often attend workplace visits with year groups and support students with their understanding of the employer, what it would be like to work there and raise aspirations.

In conclusion, Gatsby Benchmark 6 plays a pivotal role in providing young people with insights into the world of work. Institutions provide valuable work experiences. These experiences help students make informed career choices.

They also help students gain practical knowledge for success in their future careers. Embrace Gatsby Benchmark 6 and embark on a journey of enriched career exploration and preparedness.