Face to Face Careers

A Bespoke Face to Face Careers Guidance Service for Schools

Supporting a school’s Careers Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance (CEIAG) programme by delivering a personalised careers guidance service is our bread and butter, our DNA, our ‘thing’. It’s the reason why we do what we do.

Our face-to-face careers service is 100% bespoke and is underpinned by your school’s careers programme. This means we focus on the areas you identify and work solely on this, resulting in an efficient and cost-effective solution. Our team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable advisers pride themselves on delivering high-quality careers guidance.

The way we deliver our face-to-face careers guidance totally depends on the needs of the school. If you just want us to deliver one-to-one sessions with your Year 11s, no problem. Or, if you want us to get more engrossed in your school, your values, and your culture (which is the thing that we love doing the most), we can completely tailor our delivery to suit your school needs in order to help you work towards the Gatsby Benchmarks. This can include the likes of careers cafes, assemblies, careers roadshows and one-to-one advice, and we can also support with Parents Evenings and Results Days.

5 Point Approach to CEIAG

Our careers guidance approach is based on a 5-phase framework for action. This ensures your young people can access the most appropriate CEIAG for their needs and aspirations.

We want to understand your school needs and your students, so we can tailor our delivery to meet your needs.

What does your existing provision look like? How can we enhance that? What are the needs of your young people? What makes them tick? We take the time to understand you and your school.

If your school needs mostly one-to-one intervention, that’s not a problem. Or maybe group sessions will yield the best results to help inform your students. We’ll work with you to identify the best careers information, advice and guidance interventions for your school and get to work delivering just that. No distractions or additional roles, just a pure and impartial careers advice and guidance service.

Then comes the implementation stage where your dedicated Careers Adviser(s) and our leadership team will establish the implement the most effective careers guidance mechanisms for your students.

Our support for your Year 11s doesn’t stop when they go on study leave! No, no, no. We are there on Results Day to support those who don’t get the grades they’d hoped for and then we track them post-16, helping to support that transition wherever we can. We pride ourselves on providing added-value to schools wherever possible, and destination tracking is one such area where we will always go above and beyond to support our schools.

For us, getting the right careers advice whilst at school makes all the difference long term to a young person, which is why our team is so passionate about promoting what we do wherever possible. We pride ourselves on delivering a positive careers service that provides the impartial information needed by a young person to empower them to make informed decisions.

Included in our careers guidance service…


Our careers app designed to give schools easy access to reporting and tracking, as well as giving students access to careers guidance 24/7. This saves schools time and money as they have one point of reference and can streamline systems and processes.

Careers Resources

From posters to pull-ups, sector-specific to pathway mapping, we have it all! Our careers resources are included in all of our careers packages and are bold, easy to digest and designed to capture the imagination (and attention) of young people.

Personalised Microsite

Your very own personalised careers microsite, with local information included for your students to access 24/7. So you don’t need to worry about building your own careers portals, we have one for you already!

Benefits of working with us to deliver face-to-face careers guidance

Save yourself the costs of training your own in-house Careers Advisers/Leads by tapping into our expertise. All of our team are qualified to Level 6 in careers advice and guidance, or working towards this. They also have access to an extensive career adviser network where they can share best practice and collaborate to provide you with best possible careers advice.

Minimise the potential disruption to your careers programme by choosing us. If your allocated Progress Careers adviser is off sick for example, we will always do our best to cover that sickness with another member of our fabulous team, so your students don’t miss out.

There’s no need to invest in careers portals for your students or tracking software, we have taken care of that! We give our customers access to their own dedicated microsite, featuring a ‘Careers Discovery Tool’ powered by live LMI data, and iProgress – your one-stop careers app for tracking, reporting, and accessing your careers service.
As part of our offer, we support with driving best practice and careers collaboration across your school, Trust, region or Career Leads, because two heads are better than one!
Our team will be 100% focused on what you need them to deliver and the way they do this is with passion, enthusiasm, and friendliness. We are re-setting the stereotypical perceptions of careers advice and guidance.

When partnering with us to deliver your face-to-face guidance, schools get access to our wealth of digital careers resources from pull-up banners to corridor posters, free of charge.