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Transform your school’s careers advice and guidance

Here at Progress Careers, we enhance a school’s or Multi-Academy Trust’s (MAT) provision by delivering an agile, robust, and impartial Careers Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance (CEIAG) services which is bespoke to your needs. This means that schools get exceptional value for money, as you receive exactly the service you need.

We pride ourselves on being anything but ‘standard’ and are continually striving to enhance our service by using tech and data to underpin our delivery. Via our Careers App, iProgress, schools and MATs benefit from having one point of reference for tracking and reporting on your careers programme, saving time and money. As your careers services partner, we become an extension of your school team, embedding ourselves in the culture of each school where we work.

From Multi-Academy Trusts to Independent Schools, our careers guidance service can support you to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks and meet your statutory obligations.

Organisations we work closely with

A bespoke face-to-face careers guidance for Schools & MATs

We can support you with your CEIAG by delivering a personalised careers guidance service to your school that we are 100% focused on. Delivered in-school through one-to-one appointments, group sessions, assemblies, parent’s evenings, and careers fairs. Schools of all sizes work with our team to build their bespoke careers guidance service which offers them fantastic value for money. Our face-to-face and virtual careers guidance solution supports young people across Key Stages 3, 4, and 5.

Our friendly team of Careers Advisers can plan career days, work with targeted groups of students who may be at risk of being NEET, and help you prepare for Ofsted inspections.

An agile, innovative careers service for schools, powered by our iProgress app

Built to inform and empower Career Leads, students, and parents, our custom careers app, iProgress, places the power at your fingertips. Complementing our face-to-face delivery, school leaders can access reporting at the touch of a button and students can check out local Labour Market Information (LMI) to help them make informed decisions about their future. They can also book meetings with their adviser.

Helping You Achieve the Quality in Careers Standard

Working alongside school leaders, we support schools to achieve the Quality in Careers Standard. We have partnered with Ixion Holdings, an awarding organisation who offer the single national Quality Award, to impartially assess your CEIAG programme against the requirements of the standard. Our team fulfills the support and assessment elements on behalf of the awarding body, making the process as seamless and stress-free for you as possible.

We champion the Quality in Careers Standard in all schools where we work as it’s a brilliant way to demonstrate your commitment to your students’ futures.

Read our Testimonials

“My Career advisor helped me a lot on what colleges I should apply for and knowledge on what I need to take for my future.”

Student at Outwood Academy Outwood Post 16 Centre

“I found this very helpful for my next steps after school”

Student at Ashington Academy

“Very helpful and I really appreciate the help, I feel more confident in what I want to do in the future”

Student at All Saints’ Catholic Voluntary Academy

“Very helpful session, it made me look more into the future, Thank you very much!”

Student at The Trinity Catholic School

“I have many meetings with Vanessa who has supported me with my school applications and personal statements. I have really appreciated her help as I have found some aspects of the process challenging. I am grateful for her support in school.”

Student at Mount St. Marys

“I now know what options I have and can go into and I have an idea of what I want to do when I leave school.”

Student at Carlton Le Willows

” Helped me understand what I want to do and how to get there”

Student at Hull Trinity House

” Really happy that I saw her as I was confused about my options but now I have a clear idea about what to do next.”

Student at DeWarenne Academy

” Helped me understand what I want to do and how to get there”

Student at Hull Trinity House

” My Career Adviser was excellent. Really helpful for me to think about ideas for A level. It got me thinking about Rissell Group and Oxford or Cambridge.”

Student at DeWarenne Academy

” They discussed many different options with me and talked about university life plus apprenticeships”

Student at Outwood Academy Grange

” Really helpful in advising on areas I hadn’t considered allowing me to feel more confident and motivated”

Student at Outwood Academy Grange

” They talked through my A-level options, as I didn’t know which ones I needed to choose for law. I also didn’t know there might be apprenticeships in law so exciting ideas. Thank You”

Student at DeWarenne Academy

” This service is great if you are unsure or have not yet decided what your future plans are”

Student at Christ The King Catholic Voluntary Academy

“Really helpful, gave me insight into my next steps and talked me through any queries. Would recommend it to anyone.”

Student at Garforth Academy

“Overall it was a great meeting, very helpful for me as we looked more at jobs since I already knew what I would be studying at college”

Student at Rossington All Saints Academy

“The session helped me to figure out what the best next steps are for me. I have then been able to make a decision on my uni course”

Student at The Trinity Catholic School

“They opened up my mind to different career options that I hadn’t considered”

Student at Hermitage Academy

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