Gatsby Benchmark 2 – Learning From Career and Labour Market Information

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What is Gatsby Benchmark 2?

Gatsby Benchmark 2 focuses around learning from career and labour market information. It forms one of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks which help inform what ‘good’ career advice for young people looks like. This benchmark helps young people choose their careers wisely by giving them important information about future study options and job opportunities by the likes of location, job role and sector to name just a few.

Why is Gatsby Benchmark 2 so important?

Gatsby Benchmark 2 helps students and parents/carers to navigate career and study options. It empowers them by providing access to good quality information about future study choices and labour market prospects. This benchmark is important in a time of fast change and changing industries as it helps inform about the future job market whilst aligning with their goals and abilities.

Gatsby Benchmark 2

What is Career and Labour Market Information?

Career and Labour Market Information (LMI) encompasses a wealth of data and insights that shed light on the current and projected state of the job market. It provides a panoramic view of job roles, industries, salary expectations, required qualifications, and growth prospects. By learning about LMI, young people can better understand different careers and make informed choices about their education and future jobs. We tap into a whole host of LMI data here at Progress Careers to support our schools and in turn their students, to gain a factual picture on the current and projected future job markets. By working with EMSI as well as local data sources, we place the power at the fingertips of the young people we support.

Examples of Labour Market Information

Take a read through the following examples of using labour market information.

How schools use LMI to achieve Gatsby Benchmark 2:

  • JOB APPLICATIONS – LMI helps young people know what employers want, so their job applications can be better than others.
  • INTERVIEWS – Insights from LMI can help to prepare candidates for interviews by highlighting the key competencies and qualities valued by prospective employers.
  • APPRENTICESHIP – LMI provides information about apprenticeship programmes, offering an alternative path to gaining qualifications by combing hands-on experience and learning simultaneously.
  • QUALIFICATIONS –LMI guides young people in choosing the right education by demonstrating the value of qualifications in their chosen industries.
  • JOB DEMAND – LMI shows which jobs will be in demand, helping young people choose the right studies for future job opportunities.

What are the Gatsby Benchmark 2 questions on the Compass evaluation?

The Compass evaluation has specific questions that measure an institution’s approach and commitment to good career guidance. The Compass evaluation asks if an institution gives students accurate career and job market information to help them make good choices. The questions of the compass evaluation are:

  • How can students get reliable career information, including details about different job roles and industries?
  • Can you provide examples of how you incorporate labour market insights into careers guidance discussions and programs?
  • How do you update your career information resources to reflect current trends, technological advancements, and changing job market demands?
  • Describe any initiatives or activities that provide students with insights into potential future study options based on labour market projections.
  • How can students actively learn about different career paths, even ones that are not usually emphasized?
  • Provide examples of how you encourage students to consider different factors, such as salary expectations and job demands when making career decisions.
  • How do you collaborate with external partners, such as industry professionals, to gather accurate and relevant labour market information?
  • Can you share success stories of students who benefited from your institution’s emphasis on learning from career and labour market information?

If a school is compliant with GBM2, the careers programme will guide young people to make informed young people towards making informed career choices by providing valuable information and guidance. Students and parents/carers can use Career and Labour Market Information to understand study options and job trends. This can lead to a future with more opportunities and success. Schools, it’s time to take the leap! Embrace Gatsby Benchmark 2 and unlock a world of informed career exploration and growth for your students.

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How can Progress Careers help you to meet the Gatsby Benchmark 2?

All of our schools have access to a wealth of resources that contain LMI data such as display posters, their own careers microsite and our careers app, iProgress (not forgetting our own, talented team of Career Advisers who know their stuff when it comes to LMI data!). Our school specific microsites are also jam packed with loads of career information aimed at students and parents/carers, including some bitesize videos for parents/carers explaining the different pathways available.