Published On: October 6, 2023|585 words|2.9 min read|
Katie Tune

Katie climbs the (progress) career ladder

“The support and development the company has given me has been outstanding. I feel valued, supported and part of the team from day one!” That’s what newly appointed Operations Manager Katie Tune had to say when asked about her recent promotion. But who is Katie Tune? And what makes her tick? Let’s take a few minutes to get to know our newest member of the leadership team.

You are well versed at giving young people impartial careers advice and guidance, but what’s your path to today been?

I started as a teacher, and that was something that I had always wanted to do. Over time, like many Teachers, I found myself spending more time doing other things than teaching, however, I never wanted to leave education. I was lucky that my local college took me on as a recruitment member of staff. Whilst there, I discovered a passion for connecting with students and helping them to navigate their educational journeys. This experience allowed me to develop valuable skills in guiding and supporting students, which ultimately led to my promotion to a Career Leader there. I quickly fell in love with this role; it had everything that matched my ethos and values, which made me want to teach, but just in a different role. I was able to support students, make a difference, have an impact, support progression, and develop programmes for students that aligned with their aspirations.

However, after the birth of my daughter, I wanted to be with a company that offered the flexibility that I’m sure every mum wants. I love working, and I love my daughter—I wanted both. So, I started looking for a company who could offer such flexibility, and that’s when I found Progress Careers. I have now been with the company for two years and in that time have been promoted from Careers Adviser to Regional Coordinator, and now to Operations Manager.

What are your motivations and why do you enjoy working for Progress Careers?

I feel motivated in my job because I am constantly challenged and given opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Additionally, I get to work with young people making a real difference that sense of fulfilment keeps me motivated!

One of the main reasons I love working for Progress is the amazing people I work with. Each person is so passionate about what they do, not just the Progress Careers team, but across The Progress Group. Each person plays a part in making a massive impact.

What will your new role involve?

I will be responsible for operationally driving and overseeing the qualitative and financial performance of all contracts within my region. I manage relationships with individual school leaders and manage a team of Careers Advisers who work within those schools. My role will have a clear focus on leadership, quality assurance, managing service provision and delivering to a high standard against the company objectives.

How will this promotion support you in your career path?

This promotion will support my own career path by providing me with new challenges, allowing me to expand my skill set and be able to utilise my knowledge and expertise in a different capacity. It will also give me the opportunity to work with a wider range of stakeholders and learn more about careers from a strategic point of view. As well as building on my managerial experiences to support the development of the people I work with.

Does your school need a careers partner?

Are you looking for a friendly Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance partner? Well look no further. Drop our team a line and we can arrange a suitable date and time to discuss your specific school needs.