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Relaxing playlist

Exams are stressful, especially GCSE and A-Levels. But what often gets overlooked is the waiting after the exams are done. The tension and stress of receiving the results can be tough, so we’ve put together this playlist to help relax and motivate you through the power of music, so if things get rough then have a listen.

Calming tracks/collecting results tracks:

1: ‘Melody of Guidance’ LINK

2: Another Day of Sun LINK

3: ‘In The Morning Mist’ LINK

Motivational/uplifting tracks:

4: Seize the Day LINK

5: Victory Dance LINK

6: ‘Dragonhearted’ LINK

7: ‘You Say Run’ LINK

‘Believe in yourself’ tracks:

8: DuckTales LINK

9: You Are Enough LINK

10: We won the case! LINK


I hope that these tracks prove to be relaxing, uplifting, motivational and whatever else you need them to be when the time comes to collect your results. No matter what those results may be, better or worse than you’d hoped, you can still contact your Progress Careers Adviser on the day of your results.

Good luck!

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