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In October, we celebrate World Mental Health Day, and we are showing our support by highlighting a career in mental health!

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologists are responsible for assessing and treating clients with a range of mental or physical health issues, conditions, and disorders. You’ll work with people of all ages. Clinical Psychologists support clients with things such as anxiety, depressions, and more.

Job Description

Using different methods, Clinical Psychologists assess a patient’s problem, and work in partnership with clients to design and implement interventions to overcome their condition. Clinical Psychologists draw on scientific knowledge to bring about positive change.


To become a Clinical Psychologist, you will need to study a three-year degree that is recognised by the British Psychological Society and then complete a three-year postgraduate doctorate. You’ll need great researching skills and lots of work experience as it is really competitive.


On average, Clinical Psychologists earn anything between £32,305 to £45,838.

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